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Positive Ageing Week 2019 has kicked off this week and for those who are not familiar with it, Positive Ageing Week (PAW) is an Age Action Ireland initiative. Age Action supports and advocates for equality and human rights for all older people. Everything they do is based on a recognition of the diversity of identity and situations among older people and a concern for equality for all older people. In addressing ageing, their work includes a concern to influence perspectives on and responses to ageing. 

Celebrating older people in our lives

For the next few days, PAW will focus on community based events, organised by groups and individuals throughout Ireland, and national events organised by Age Action and its partner. PAW wants everyone to celebrate older people in our lives and the contribution they make to our families and our communities.

Ageing in Place

This years theme focuses on ‘Ageing in Place’ meaning, the ability to live in one’s home and community safely, regardless of age, income or ability level. As mentioned on the Positive Ageing Week website, Ageing in Place is not just for ‘older’ people, it’s for all people who want to ensure their quality of life and live it with dignity. We know that people search for their own ‘sense of place’ and when they find a home they feel comfortable in, they want to stay there. For some people, a house or place is a lot more than the foundations and surroundings as it is in fact, their ‘sense of place’ in a community. It is a home that allows for family members, friends and neighbours to connect and deepen their relationships in a place like no other. Older people play a vital role in our communities with their wisdom, wit, knowledge and kindness that can promote key relationships in their locality and neighbourhood. It is important that we endeavour to support people to remain in their beloved home throughout their lives. 


Placemaking is a vital component to building good communities and neighbourhoods but there is also the human side to placemaking. Placemaking can’t be successful without people and its ability to create public spaces that promote people’s health and happiness is key to communities but only if people regardless of age are encouraged to remain an integral part of the community they have grown to love. 

Find out more about the events

This week attend an event near you to support this important initiative. People make communities, people make homes and people deserve to remain in their home and their community for all as long as they can. 

Full details are here.