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According to the Irish Examiner, in an article published on the weekend, it reports that campaigners in Cork are urging a reconsideration of a proposed roads revamp in the city docklands which, they say, is the start of the city’s flood defence works. Cork City Council has rejected claims that the Docklands to City Centre Road Network Scheme is connected to the flood defence works. As the scheme is currently open to public consultation, the public are asked to make their observations and submission points before 4pm on the 23rd July. 

According to the consultation on the Cork City website, Cork Docklands is a significant brownfield redevelopment zone adjacent to Cork City Centre. The Cork Docklands Road Network Improvement Scheme aims to improve accessibility between the Docklands and the City Centre while at the same time providing a high quality public realm in keeping with the ambitious redevelopment plans for the area. It goes on to say that the existing road network is congested and how traffic builds up at peak times. New road layouts (as proposed) will seek to provide a high quality environment for road users along the relevant routes. To aid the greater movement of the public, dedicated sustainable transport infrastructure is being provided. 

According to the consultation online the project aims to:

  • Provide key transport infrastructure that will act as the catalyst for the early development of the adjoining lands within the Docklands area thereby providing new residential and commercial developments
  • Provide a network for the optimum movement of all modes of transportation between Docklands and the City Centre.
  • Provide a high quality public realm consistent with the overall ambition for the Docklands area as a vibrant, innovative, mixed use, sustainable, socially inclusive new urban quarter.

The primary project objectives are as follows:

  • Optimise the performance of the transportation network within the South Docklands and between: – Docklands and the City Centre, Docklands and the N27 & Docklands and the Public Transportation hubs.
  • Improve movement between South Docklands and the City Centre for all modes of transportation pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and general vehicular traffic.
  • Provide a high quality public realm within the subject site building on the qualities of the surrounding environment, its riverside frontage and the industrial heritage of the area.

The full details are available online

As reported in the Irish Examiner, opponents say that it represents the first step in developing the OPW’s Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme (LLFRS). According to the article in the Irish Examiner, the area will avoid future flooding through the regrading of the existing wharf height to 3.4 metres and not through the construction of walls and that the works are essential for the future connection of the docklands to the city centre. In an environmental screening report as delivered by Arup for Cork City Council, it said that regrading the quay height will mitigate against future flooding. Critically, it did not recommend a wall. 

The Save Cork City campaign group have opposed the OPW’s flood defence plans for Cork city and have suggested a tidal barrier instead and they have asked Cork City Council to reconsider the barrier. The worry is flooding fears and the group continue to use their voice ahead of the closing of the consultation. 

The Cork Docklands to City Centre Road Network Improvements Scheme is currently open but due to close at 4pm on July 23rd 2019 and you can have your say via