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Collaborative Pre-Planning Public Consultation For Meaningful Community Engagement.

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PLACEengage is your digital town hall. Experience proposed property developments through immersive technologies (AR/VR) and become an active voice in creating sustainable neighbourhoods. Stay up to date with the latest developments in real-time and contribute views from your smartphone 24/7.

Meaningful Community Engagement

PLACEengage quickly identifies community stakeholders and then becomes a digital bridge between placemakers, their clients and neighbours. It allows developers and local authorities to upload proposals, planning decisions and changes to planning for all stakeholders to access and comment on in real time.

This is a great way to bring citizens along in this process-driven system. Of course, it can also be used to promote and then live-stream more traditional approaches like workshops or in-person discussion groups so that no one is left behind.

Latest News

Westport garden has been sold for €500,000

According to an article in the Irish Times this week, the Westport garden and heritage site has been sold to a private bidder for €500,000. The €500,000 price is double that of the €240,000 reserve price, when it was first listed for auction less than two years ago...

Limerick City – A City on the Rise

    Limerick is a wonderful city in Ireland and it sits in Munster with the River Shannon flowing through it. Limerick has a population of 94,192 and it is a city that is by its own admission ‘on the rise’. Limerick City is the third largest city in Ireland and it is...

Cork docklands plan getting slammed by campaigners

According to the Irish Examiner, in an article published on the weekend, it reports that campaigners in Cork are urging a reconsideration of a proposed roads revamp in the city docklands which, they say, is the start of the city’s flood defence works. Cork City...

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